My Top 5 Reads of 2014

December 17, 2014

1) One of the most fantastically wonderful books I have ever read. Set in the gold rush town of Hokitika, NZ, in 1866, it tells the story of a mysterious murder through the eyes of a score of characters. Catton became the youngest every Man Booker Prize-winner for this book, and I was lucky enough to do an event with her in Wellington, NZ , this year.


2) A love story between two lovers who must overcome the rather daunting obstacle of being in parallel universes! A beautiful story that only the extraordinarily weird Haruki Murakami could write.


3) The author of the wonderful The Vintner’s Luck tries her hand at horror and out-does the horror writers. A group of people is trapped in a small NZ town with an invisible monster and a bunch of kahapos (giant ground-living parrots). I still can’t get the image of nipples frying in a pan out of my mind!

Code Name Verity

4) Would you kill your best friend to save her from a worst fate? This story of WWII women aviation pilots in Nazi-occupied France is a powerful and riveting read.


5) I defy you to read this and not smile. The story of drug addict, James Bowen, who rescued stray cat, Bob, and stray cat, Bob, who rescued drug addict, James Bowen

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