Before the Big Bang

July 12, 2022

I interview Albanian cosmologist and physicist Laura Mersini-Houghton on her mind-boggling science and her extraordinary life. Before the Big Bang, she maintains, there was cross-talk between our Universe and neighbouring universes in the Multiverse. T …


Sensational Stories, Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, 19 April

April 23, 2022

I even had a train ticket booked for the 2019 Edinburgh Science Festival but everything got cancelled because of the first Covid lockdown, so it was wonderful to be finally be back In Edinburgh. The event was called the “Sensational Stories in Science” …


Talk at Wiggin LLP, Cheltenham, 6 April

April 13, 2022

A great day in Cheltenham – though it chucked it down with rain! (“It always rains in Cheltenham,” as my wife always says). I had been asked by Calum Smyth of the law firm Wiggin LLP to give a talk to his colleagues, titled “A Tale of Two Technologies” …


The Sunday Papers Live, 2 April 2022

April 4, 2022

Absolutely wonderful to be at a live event again – after more than two years! For The Sunday Papers Live, Cecil Sharp House, near London’s Regent’s Park, is decked out like a living room, with sofas and rugs and standard lamps, and everyone is encourag …


The Conservatives’ Health & Care Bill

August 31, 2021

10 Things You Need to Know About the Conservatives’ Health & Care Bill Read here