Lincoln Book Festival, 25 September

July 21, 2018

Will be talking on gravitational waves – the voice of space at Lincoln Book Festival


Coming soon!

July 19, 2018

On 4 October 2018, Michael O’Mara is publishing Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand. You could fit the entire human race in the volume of a sugar cube You are born 100% human but die 50% alien If the Sun were made of bananas it wouldn’t make any differen …


Book of the Month, May 2018!

April 17, 2018

Fantastic to have my Ladybird Expert Big Bang as BBC Sky at Night Magazine’s Book of the Month, May 2018! Here is the lovely review. It’s so nice to have someone appreciate how hard it was to squeeze so much difficult material into so small a space and …


The Day Without A Yesterday, Edinburgh, 7 April

April 4, 2018

The greatest discovery in the history of science is that there was a day without a yesterday. The Universe has not existed forever. It was born. 13.82 billion years ago all matter, energy, space – and even time – erupted into being in a titanic firebal …


Space Careers, Edinburgh, 6 April

March 26, 2018

Looking for a career change? Did you want to be NASA’s recently advertised Planetary Protection Officer? As the number and range of space careers available expand, you could become the next Moon miner, galactic architect or even alien cultural exchange …