Sunday Brunch, C4, 2 August 2015

July 29, 2015

Chatted to Tim and Simon about Pluto and other “dusty, icy things” in the Solar System! Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch is always fun to do. Always seems to be a good atmosphere. Both the people behind the scenes who do the programme and the guests are great. Ones that stick in my my mind are Phil Harding from Time Team, who let me hold a 60,000-year-old stone axe, and the wonderful, wonderful bat lady, Jenny Clark, who took some bats out of her bag and said: “Go on, stroke them. They love it.” And they did! They actually purred with pleasure!

Special thanks to Laura Pinkney and Agnes French for setting up my item. Here are some people I met this time…

photo 33

Well, I didn’t actually get to meet the Maccabees as they were so busy rehearsing and playing. But I really liked their cool, laid-back music. De-stressed me while I was waiting to go on!

photo 44

The props lady had got in this fab motorised Solar System for my item (We spent ages getting the planets in the right order!). It’s available from Learning Resources

photo 2

Gyles Brandreth might have been a Tory MP but he’s got lots of charm. Here he is with brilliant stand-up comic Richard Herring, who interviewed me in his Meaning of Life stage show

photo 1

What a nice bloke. And what a shirt (it’s for Jamaican Independence Day)! Ian Burrell, “the World’s Only Ambassador for the RUM”


Having asked about Pluto and Earth 2.0, Tim Lovejoy suddenly turns the conversation to the dangers of giant space rats!


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