Bath Festival, 28 May, 11am

April 29, 2017

The most beautiful place I have ever given a talk: the Assembly Rooms in Bath, home to the Fashion Museum. The particular room where I spoke about out gravitational waves had high windows, pillars and spectacular chandeliers. It was a former ballroom. I could almost see the dancers spinning around the floor in their 1800s’ dress. In fact, Jane Austen could well have been among them, since she definitely visited the spa at Bath!


On way to give my talk, I found the cake company with the best name in the Universe!

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The Assembly Rooms, Bath

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The light and airy bar at the Bath Assembly Rooms. The Green Room for performers was a comfy tent with sofas through the door at the end


Reclining on a chaise longue (kind of) before giving my talk. I look relaxed but I’m not!


Can you see Jane Austen and her partner whirling around this dance floor?!


“We’ve got roving mikes. Remember to wait until one reaches a questioner”

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For some reason there were a number of ornamental monkeys clinging to the foliage in the Green Room! I thought they were great.


“In a galaxy far, far away, at a time when the most complex organism on Earth was a bacterium, two monster black holes were locked in a death spiral…!”

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Some of the 100+ volunteers who make the Bath Festival such a brilliant event

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