Launch of “The Ascent of Gravity”

April 8, 2017

You’ve got to celebrate when a book comes out. Thanks to Daunt Books in Holland Park, London, for hosting wonderful evening!

Photo 06-04-2017, 9 35 58 pm

What are the chances of meeting two people who have been weightless down the pub? Chris Riley and Alok Jha confessed they have both done astronaut training!


Photo 06-04-2017, 7 57 55 pm

Parental support: My father-in-law elevates my wife’s broken foot

Photo 06-04-2017, 7 20 27 pm

My mother-in-law with friends, Barbara and Stella

Photo 06-04-2017, 7 13 12 pm

How appropriate for my book! Zara Baker shows off the most cosmic nails of the evening

Photo 06-04-2017, 6 12 57 pm

Me with NHS campaigner (and Jeremy Corbyn look-alike) Alastair Fischer

Photo 06-04-2017, 5 27 37 pm

What every author LOVES: a display of their books in a bookshop window!


My lovely agent Michele from the Felicity Bryan Agency in conversation with Nic, who produced the Audiobook



Photo 06-04-2017, 7 13 18 pm

Spring nails for a spring publication. Must have taken you ages, Nettie!


The publishing team: Head of Orion, Alan Samson, and my brilliant editor, Paul Murphy

Photo 06-04-2017, 9 35 11 pm

Dr Suze Kundu (AKA FunSizeSuze AKA the Kylie of Science) wonders whether that’s Newton’s “Principia” up there on that pub shelf



Love your pink and blue hair! Author and rock chick Nettie Baker and her lovely daughter Zara

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