Blue Dot Festival, 7 July, 3pm

May 30, 2017

On 14 September 2015, gravitational waves were first detected on Earth. The source – two merging black holes – briefly pumped out 50 times more power than all the stars in the Universe together. To mark the publication of my book, The Ascent of Gravity, I talked about gravitational waves: The voice of space.. in the shadow of the 72 metre Lovell radio dish at Jodrell Bank. Absolutely fab location!


Dear UKIP, Aliens are Welcome!

Everyone in the audience waved their right hand in the air and created gravitational waves, which will reach Alpha Centauri in 2021!

Almost exactly 60 years ago Jodrell Bank became famous for picking up Sputnik and signalling start of the Space Age

Some unusual meteorites spotted at the Blued Dot Festival, Jodrell Bank!

Who could resist a bar of psychedelic ‘galaxy fudge’?

I got to touch something that’s been in space! An arm that held a solar panel on NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

Spotted some aliens near the Jodrell Bank 76 metre radio dish!

Wishing Tree at the Blue Moon bar, Blue Dot Festival

Signing copies of “The Ascent of Gravity” at the Blackwell’s Book Tent

A place you will rarely find me!

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