“Infinity” book launch, Holland Park

October 8, 2018

With comedy writer Andy Hamilton, who I did the BBC TV series “It’s Only A Theory”, with, and historian Anne Summers (Andy’s son is a neutrino physicist in the US)

Daunt Books in Holland Park is such a beautiful bookshop. Thanks to Fergus and all the friendly staff for creating such a great atmosphere


Andrew Murray and Eva Woloschyn, who were in my class at St Mary’s infant school, Finchley, and recently reconnected with me through Twitter. Let’s not leave it another 47 years!

Book swap: Nettie Baker with my “Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand” and me with her “Tales of a Rock Star’s Daughter” (Guess the rock star).

The brilliant “New Scientist” journalist Andy Coghlan (with his lovely nurse wife, Candy), who has just retired from the mag after and amazing 32 years!

Daunt Books window display. That’s what an author likes to see!

They’ve got my “The Ascent of Gravity” too! (We had the launch of that book here too)

Rock journalist Spencer Bright, who wrote Boy George’s “Take it Like a Man” (among other things)

The brilliant team from Michael O’Mara: Rumana, Saskia and Jo worked so hard and created such a lovely atmosphere. Thanks!

With Jo, my wonderful editor, and Nigel Henbest, who gave me my first break in journalism when he was astronomy consultant at “New Scientist” (Thanks, Nigel!)

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