The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead

The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead

Where did we come from, and what the hell are we doing here?
Is Elvis alive and kicking in another space domain?
What’s beyond the edge of the Universe?
Did aliens build the stars?
Can we live forever?
Acclaimed popular science writer Marcus Chown takes us to the frontier of science, revealing that the questions asked by today’s most daring and imaginative scientists are in fact those very ones which keep us up at night. An ambitious yet superbly readable exploration of the mysteries of the universe.


  • Publisher: Faber
  • Publication date: September 20, 2007
  • ISBN: 9780571220564
  • It will make you hug your knees, and rock back and forth saying ‘Whoa!’

    Dazed & Confused

  • A masterpiece. Unputdownable. I cannot find fault with this book. The style is yummy, the mathematics non-existent and the concepts surprising.

    Astronomy Now

  • This has one of the year’s best titles and some of the year’s best cosmological concepts. Chown looks at moments before the Big Bang, the four-line formula that may contain all our universe’s complexities, whether stars are artefacts and particles just vortices in a field. At the end, he offers a conclusion to space-time that would see us all immortalised inside a cosmic computer. Prepare to go ‘Cor!’ twice on every page.

    New Zealand Listener

  • Reading this book is a little like being at a party with an almost perfect DJ.

    The Independent

  • A limousine among popular-science vehicles.

    The Guardian