The One Thing You Need to Know

The One Thing You Need to Know

What is the one thing you need to know in order to understand global warming or quantum computers or the big bang or human evolution…? What is the one thing from which everything else follows as a logical consequence? The One Thing You Need to Know is a novel and fun way to communicate a lot of deep stuff in a compact and digestible form. Just the ticket for the time-poor world we live in today!


  • Publisher: Michael O'Mara
  • Publication date: February 2, 2023
  • ISBN: 9781789294804
  • Getting a new Marcus Chown book is like receiving a warm science hug – of all the top rank science writers, he has the most friendly style, making complex science as simple and approachable as possible.

  • What is fantastic about this book is that each chapter is bite-sized, taking on 15 minutes to read. It will surely spark many people’s interests in science by introducing them to an idea they can understand, be passionate about and pursue further.

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