The Universe Next Door

The Universe Next Door

Can time run backwards? Can we live forever? Could our universe have been created as a DIY experiment by superior beings in another universe? These questions may sound crazy but they explore the limits of our current knowledge and highlight the key issues modern scientists are wrestling to understand.¬†As Cosmology Consultant at New Scientist, Marcus Chown often comes across ideas that leave his head spinning. In this hugely entertaining, accessible and mind-blowing book, he explores the ramifications of, as he puts it, science with the ‘wow!’ factor.


  • Publisher: Headline
  • Publication date: January 6, 2003
  • ISBN: 9780747235286
  • For sheer intellectual exhilaration, few books offer more.


  • Marcus Chown is a latter-day Carl Sagan. Writing with wit and humor, he popularizes complex theories for laypersons untutored in physics, biology, chemistry, and cosmology. Congratulations to Mr. Chown for another stimulating and provocative work.

    The [Nashville] Tennessean

  • Punchy, conversational and well-stocked with reader-friendly analogies. Read this for a wonderful collection of exceedingly strange ideas.

    Scotland on Sunday

  • The deeper I delved into The Universe Next Door the more I became suffused with a fervour for the subject. Science is great. It stretches you. It expands the mind. It transports you to the frontiers of the unknown. And my, what frontiers these are. Chown has deliberately set out to be thought-provoking and disturbing. And he succeeds superbly.

    New Scientist

  • An exuberant book. A parallel universe where science is actually fun.

    The Independent